Welcome to the Asheville Area Family Dance!
The Family Dance is cancelled until further notice to faciliate social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID19.
We hope to be back up and running soon (along with the rest of normal life!)
If you are not yet on our email list and you would like to receive notices of family dance activities,

send a message to Diane.

Please mark your calendar for these dates, with the great hope that we'll be back up and running.
FOURTH Sundays, 4:00 (come at 3:45!) - 5:30 p.m.


January 26

February 23

March 22

April 26

May 24

June 28

July 26

August 30 *

September 27

October 25

November 22

December 27

* Note, this is the FIFTH Sunday, rather than fourth. Join us at SplashDance, our family friendly dance weekend, Aug 21-23.

Family Dance 063

Circles, mixers, longways, squares, and other set dances.

All dances taught and called
with high-energy live string band music!

(Musicians, if you would like more information about
playing with the open band, please, send a quick message).
Family Dance 046

This dance is aimed at beginning dancers and families with children.
All ages welcome; no experience necessary.
If you're looking for a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere
to enjoy easy dances with solid teaching, this is it!

Children must be accompanied by an adult,
but adults do NOT need to be accompanied by a child.

It is great fun to dance with children and watch the wonder unfold.
These easy dances are a good intro for adults before diving into modern contra dances at other venues.

(For safety reasons, non-dancing children need to stay off the dance floor.
Parents' assistance is requested in this matter).

Admission is free;
donations appreciated but not expected.

Bring a friend! Your child will have even more fun if they have a buddy whom they already know.
young dancers
  • We suggest comfortable casual clothing and
    closed-toed supportive shoes with a slick sole (as opposed to good tread).
    Avoid rubber-soled athletic shoes.

  • Please bring a water bottle!

Questions? Call 828-298-7084 or e-mail.

Diane Silver
Family Dance caller Diane Silver, dancing and calling.
Photo by Bob Bennett

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send a message to Diane.

We will not spam you, or sell the list, or anything else.
The list is used solely for Family Dance information,
and is managed by a real live person who respects your privacy.

Thanks to Cinnamon Kennedy for the photos on this page.

If you or your child are in a photo and you prefer not to have your picture posted, please e-mail and we will be happy to remove the photo.
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